Just 12 weeks into the new legislation, the National Audit Office has released a report on Biodiversity Net Gain. Environment Bank has been working for the last four years to prepare for the new regulations and to ensure that a reliable supply of high-quality Biodiversity Units are ready for the market opening.

As of today, Environment Bank has a national network of over 1,758 hectares of land in development for habitat creation – equating to thousands of Biodiversity Units – which are already being sold to meet the needs of RESI, commercial and utility developers in England. This is sufficient to meet national market demand for at least the next 18 months, with a further 3,000 hectares in progress.

Environment Bank’s Habitat Banks are placing thousands of hectares of low-grade land into nature recovery, accelerating an uplift in biodiversity, rebuilding vital ecosystem services, and providing a valuable income stream to landowners and farmers.

Working collaboratively with Local Planning Authorities to create s106 agreements effectively, each Habitat Bank delivers on local nature recovery strategies whilst providing robust funding through legal agreements for BNG compliance and monitoring and accurate reporting on the policy’s effectiveness. Environment Bank is seeing a vibrant market emerge that provides the requirements for both developers and nature.

Read the full report on the National Audit Office website: