Spokemead, one of London’s leading providers of electrical, repairs and maintenance solutions, and one of the principal contractors for the region’s largest Borough, announces that it is launching a new brand identity. The rebrand, which includes a new modernised logo, is a reflection of the changing culture and growing service offering within the business. The move also unifies Spokemead within the Kinovo family house of brands, which include Purdy and Dunhams.

Nicole Rooney, Commercial Director at Spokemead comments: “Spokemead was formed as an electrical contracting company in 1974 by three brothers, Brendan, James and PJ Rooney and quickly positioned itself as leaders in the field, due to their commitment to quality and value for their clients, both in the private and public sector. Remaining a family company until we joined the Kinovo Group, my family members Neil Rooney (Managing Director), Debbie Rooney (Financial Director), Liam Power (Commercial Manager) and myself have remained with the business, still delivering the same drive and enthusiasm and commitment to quality as in the early days. In fact, some of our clients have been with us for over three decades. The decision to join the Kinovo Group was taken as we recognised the huge potential that being part of this group offers to ensure we continue to grow and develop.”

Pippa Pang, Kinovo’s Social Value and Marketing Manager comments: “Since becoming part of the Kinovo Group in 2018, Spokemead has thrived, strengthening its partnership with long term clients and forged relationships with new ones. We felt it was time to reflect these developments to the outside world and we hope this rebrand does just this while maintaining the trust and heritage Spokemead is associated with.

“The new branding is a natural evolution from the previous Spokemead logo. Adding in the ‘part of the Kinovo group’ identity and adjusting the font and layout of the name and ident, Spokemead now has equal representation within the Kinovo family.

“Ultimately, a brand is so much more than just a name or logo. While it’s important for visual identities to keep up to date, for Kinovo and our group businesses, we recognise that behind a brand, lies a culture, attitude and an understanding of what everyone in the business is striving towards and delivering every day.  With the positive progress that the business has made, the time is right to modernise the look and feel of the company and we believe that this new identity reflects that change.

David Bullen, CEO of Kinovo Group concludes: “Spokemead has made significant improvements over the last few years and continues to do so.  The hard work of the Spokemead team, spearheaded by Nicole has been instrumental in driving successful change through the company. We have a very positive outlook for Spokemead and are excited to see the new branding roll out as they enter a new chapter in their development.”

For more information: https://spokemead.co.uk/