With over 50 years’ experience, Bloor Homes knows that by listening to customers it can create homes they all want to live in and where customers will have better life experiences.  It achieves this by also crafting the environments around the homes enabling communities to feel welcome and happy living there.

Karen Turner, Interim Head of Sales at Bloor Homes’ South West region, states: “For us it is about the right location and naturally, build quality. Our latest housing development in the area, Mendip View in Cheddar is a prime example of us building and creating what we term ‘destinations of the future’.

“Our new homes for sale at Mendip View are situated in one of Cheddar’s most sought after locations, moments away from historical landmarks. The development is situated perfectly between the gorgeous reservoir which you can walk to in minutes, not only that, but you are also within walking distance to the Strawberry Line and near the famous Cheddar Gorge and bustling high street. This exciting new development is in the heart of Somerset and surrounded by gorgeous scenery, making Mendip View perfect for those looking for a rural escape with the convenience of great access routes and plenty of history to soak up.”

Benefits of buying off-plan 

With a brand-new Bloor home, you’ll discover the homes are designed for modern living. When you buy a new house from Bloor Homes, the company wants it to become your home, so you can have the freedom to personalise the finishes of your new kitchen, bathroom and house using the unique and comprehensive choices available when the buildings are reserved in the early stages of construction.

“Our houses stand the test of time,” elaborates Karen, “We are a National Housebuilders Federation five-star builder, and have been recognised as such for five years running. We constantly score high in the nine-month survey and both achievements recognise the great work conducted by Bloor Homes when building the dreams of the future for our customers.” 

Dream makers

“Our job when we sell off-plan is ensuring we make a homebuyers dream a reality,” states Karen. “Buying a home is the biggest investment most people will ever make. With the vast amount of knowledge we have in our team we aim to get it right from the beginning.”

Here the Mendip View development in  Cheddar is the perfect example of how Bloor Homes makes dream homes a reality.

The development is on the edge of the reservoir creating a calm and quaint setting for families to settle down for the long term.

“In Cheddar, we are not just selling homes we are selling a lifestyle, and if you are looking for peace and a good quality of life, then living in a Bloor home in Cheddar delivers the ideal environment.” says Karen.

This is not the first time Bloor Homes has built homes for residents off-plan in Cheddar, that was in March 2022, when it also built 2 ,3 and 4 bedroom houses. For the current development there were originally 134 plots available, and the success of the project is evident because at time of going to press, there were only a handful of homes still available.

Exceptional modern living

This collection of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes enjoys a high specification and imaginative layouts designed with modern living in mind for couples and families alike. So, whether you are looking to downsize, upsize to accommodate a growing family or are a young professional wanting to enjoy semi-rural living with great commuter links, you could find your perfect home here.

These homes are designed with open plan living spaces, modern appliances, and luxurious finishing touches for homeowners to enjoy.

From the little things like energy efficient lightbulbs and appliances fitted as standard, to noise reducing internal walls and floors, Bloor Homes has carefully considered every aspect of the new home to ensure its quality and energy efficiency. In fact, even the open plan layout of the home assists with air ventilation.

A lot may have changed since the day that John Bloor built the first Bloor home in 1969, but one thing has remained the same – the company’s dedication to providing beautifully crafted homes in fantastic locations, so families can enjoy life to the fullest.

Future Homes Standard

Bloor Homes is also proud to support the Government’s Future Homes Standard that seeks to deliver zero-carbon new homes as soon as 2025. 

“From an already impressive standard,” elaborates Karen, “We will deliver a 75-80% improvement in energy performance meaning no fossil fuels are used to heat the homes, and hopefully, a cleaner, greener environment for everyone.”


A key aspect in designing and building houses nowadays is achieving the net-zero targets as set out by the government.  It is critical for the house building sector to work towards this target and Bloor Homes is well on its way to achieving this objective. 

For this reason, the company’s sustainability message reads as follows: ‘We all want to live in a better world. Where there is more consideration for our surroundings, and each other. It’s the future we are building towards; with better built homes growing alongside the natural habitat.’

Our commitment to nature

“Green spaces are important to us,” states Karen. “It’s why we are one of the few housebuilders to have an in-house team of Landscape Designers.

“They work alongside ecologists and arbor culturalists from the very start of a development build, assessing existing habitats to ensure wildlife, and people, can thrive. In the last 12 months alone, they have proposed planting over 415,000 trees and shrubs across forty-two sites, as well as retaining existing trees.”

When it comes to building and crafting houses which customers will call their homes – Bloor Homes looks at the bigger picture in making a difference not only in peoples’ lives but also in taking care of insects and animals living in the gardens and nearby green areas.

“We don’t just look after the big things – we take care of the smallest of things too,” concludes Karen. “For example, we are designing gardens that are more ‘bee-friendly’, with pollinating plants and wildflowers approved by the Royal Horticultural Society. We make space for ‘hedgehog highways’ – and yes, that’s really a thing! And we’re including bat and bird boxes so they too can enjoy a new home.”